Old Kings Highway Regional Historic District Committees

The Old King’s Highway Historic District was established in 1973; it is the largest historic district in the nation. The district is designated as the area north of Route 6 (the Mid Cape Highway) from Sandwich to Orleans. Each Town has their own Historic District Committee. Each town of the Old King’s Highway Historic District has its own local Old King’s Highway District  Committee which reviews applications for any change in the exterior of buildings and structures, fences and signs, and applications for new construction or demolition. The Committee considers the historical value and significance of existing buildings, and all applications are reviewed for general design, proportion of building elements, texture, materials and color. Settings, site design and layout and relative size of buildings are also taken into consideration.

Each application is reviewed at a public hearing, where the committee will determine whether to issue a Certificate of Appropriatness.

Old King’s Highway Regional Historic District Committee
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